Organizing your pantry

This is actually a very late post- I did this project months ago! But, real estate and mommy-life has kept me busy... so I'm finally getting around to writing it up. Plus, just in time for everyone's spring cleaning projects, right?! ;-)

We don't have an actual pantry in our home, so effectively utilizing our cabinet space is becoming more and more of a priority. After shoving everything in there and trying to make it all fit for over a year, I decided it was time for a change.

I'd been searching for pretty glass jars to help me organize for quite some time, but refused to pay $20 a jar! So, when I stumbled upon exactly what I needed on clearance, I couldn't pass them up. I found some free printables online that ended up working perfectly, and added some contact paper to spruce up the cabinets a bit. I'm really happy with how it turned out!


Here are some quick tips for organizing your pantry:

  • Start with a clean slate: I started by completely emptying the pantry, throwing away anything that was expired. I cleaned the shelves and swept the floor, and then I gave each cabinet a minor makeover by adding some cute contact paper.

  • Find appealing, and matching storage containers: I like things to be uniform, so I made sure I could find enough containers that were somewhat similar. (For mine, I wanted them to be all glass.) I had some left over mason jars, and then was able to find the other jars on clearance!

  • Label everything: Enough said, right?! Labels are a staple when you're trying to organize!

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