How to make your yard low-maintenance.

Any of you have that untamed jungle of weeds that plague your yard every year? When we first moved into our house, we had a jungle in the front and back next to our AC unit! After hashing out several ideas for what to do with that space once the weeds/poison ivy mess was cleared, we decided to rock the entire area. This made it low maintenance, and kept the majority of weeds from coming back up. Here's a quick breakdown of how we did it!

-Step 1: Prep the ground. The most important part!! First, we made some homemade weed-killer and generously sprayed the area. *Tutorial/recipe for homemade weed-killer coming soon!*

-Step 2: Dig it up! The next day we removed all of the dead/dying weeds, and sprayed once more.

-Step 3: Border & Cover. Buying a material the block the weeds from coming back up also helps to outline where you are laying the rock. We used landscaping border and laid down some landscape fabric.

-Step 4: Rock! The most cost effective way to purchase stone/rock is to visit a local stone/grass company who sells it by the truckload. They have several options as far as size & color as well!

BEFORE: (Front yard)

AFTER: (Front Yard)

BEFORE: (Backyard)

AFTER: (Backyard)

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