Operation Playhouse

When we first looked at buying this house, I loved the idea of having a playhouse in the backyard for our future babies. And now that we have a walking, growing baby girl, we decided it was time show it a little TLC.

If I wrote down every small detail of what we did for this project... I'd be posting for weeks. And well, .... let's be honest: this mama doesn't have time for that. So instead, I'll just do my best to give you a synopsis of what we did!

But FIRST: BIG shoutout to my wonderful husband for all of his hard work in making this happen!! He has grown so much in his skills with the power tools, and I'm so proud!

1. Replace rotted wood - The biggest part of this project was replacing old wood. A lot of the playhouse had been rotted out, and needed to be completely redone. So, we tore out the entire side railing, the steps, the top entrance to the slide, etc. We also sanded, caulked, and prepped everywhere for a fresh coat of paint.

2. Level/secure the structure - We also noticed the playhouse was not level, and the middle was starting to bow inwards. So, we used jacks to raise the the playhouse up, and placed cinder blocks underneath to make sure it was safe & secure.

Boarding up the bottom part just seemed to make the house look nicer overall, but it also was practical. I always am wary what kind of critters might be lurking under there, and it made me nervous with kids.

3. Turf installation - We've tried growing grass in the play area, but between the tree roots and all of the shade that part of the yard gets... it's been nearly impossible. I was so sick of looking at the dirt. So, we got creative, and decided to install artificial turf. It was cheap, low maintenance, and it's soft enough for our daughter to run around barefoot on.

4. Installing a door - Keeping the inside of the playhouse clean has always been a problem. With no door, it was constantly getting dirty and full of leaves. Not to mention... how cute is that red door?! I love the pop of color it adds, and also that it coordinates well with the slide.

Here are some before/after photos. Also: keep a lookout for a post soon detailing what I did on the INSIDE of the playhouse!

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