Reupholstering a chair.

I scored this gem of a chair for $10, and just saw boundless potential! It's fabric was worn out and the chair itself wasn't very comfortable, but with some new foam and fresh fabric, this chair was good as new.

I love taking furniture pieces that have character and giving them a fresh look. Not to mention... it is SO MUCH CHEAPER!! I've been experimenting with putting my hand to upholstery for a little while now... and even though it's definitely a lot of work, I love the way each chair is a puzzle as you pull it apart and put it back together.

Here are some of my tips when upholstering:

1. Mentally prepare yourself! - This might seem like a weird tip. But, seriously. I remember looking at an upholstery blog that made it seem so easy. And I did not anticipate how lengthy of a process it can be. Taking out hundreds of staples is time consuming. And will make your hands a bit sore. But stick with it! Stay patient. Do it in shifts.

2. Get the right tools. - FOREVER I've been using a flathead screwdriver and needle-nose pliers to remove staples. I always ended up slightly damaging the wood trim of the chairs I recovered while trying to muscle and leverage some of those stubborn staples when removing them. And then... I discovered the magical upholstery staple remover. They are NOT expensive, and are worth every penny!!

3. Take the chair apart carefully. - You've got to remember how to put it back together, so as you take it apart, take pictures so you know which part to reupholster first. Also; use the old fabric as a guide for your new fabric.

4. Replace the foam/batting only if necessary - Some people replace the foam every time.... but I salvage what I can! This ch

air was pretty uncomfortable so I replaced all the foam; but I did reuse some of the batting.

5. Choose a trim to hide the staples. - Piping is one of my favorite go-to's for trim, but I'm so glad I added this decorative trim this time. I feel like it really added some glam. And... I applied it with hot glue, so it was super easy!!

*ALSO: If you're looking for cheap fabric that has that bright linen look... two words for you: DROP CLOTH!!! Walmart has the best kind, in my humble opinion. 6 x 9 ft. canvas drop cloth... for $9.50, ya'll. I bleach mine, and iron it. And it magically becomes brighter & softer! For real. It's what I used on this chair, and so many other decor projects in our house. haha.

Here is some of the detailing in the trim:

This might be my favorite chair that I've done so far! Although it's not perfect, I'm starting to get better and better at this whole upholstery thing. ;)

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