Adding Built-ins For a Custom Feel!

So… it’s been while since I’ve posted projects on here! We’ve had a LOT of change over the past year and a half. I switched brokerages, had a baby, and it’s spring time again in real estate which pretty much means I live in my car and feed my family more take-out than I should. ;)

We actually did this project last spring… and it has been the BEST use of this space I could’ve ever imagined. Since I office from home, this was a total must-have for our family... but regardless of if you need a home office, built-ins are a great way to add a custom feel to your home, as well as add functionality to a space. From a real estate standpoint, this is a great inexpensive way to set your house apart. This is an IKEA hack, and the entire project probably cost us roughly $300!! We measured the space, and found what size bookshelves would work, leaving room for trim/framework in between. Once we assembled the shelving, we built a frame to slightly raise them off the ground, secured them to the wall, and added trim work. We also used to small dresser drawers and secured a piece of wood on top to make a desk/workspace for me. All it took after that was a bit of caulk and paint… and voila!! (For some additional details/other great ideas for this project, I’ve attached at the bottom a couple helpful blogs from others that we

used as a rough guide.)

Here are some photos of our process along the way - BIG shout-out to my awesome husband for making this happen!!

Here are the links:

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